dedication dedication

We employ segmented, integrated communication programmes to enhance your partners’ level of dedication.

mastery mastery

Mastery as a result of knowing all variables and parameters of your business.

creativity creativity

Creativity that is aimed directly at improving the business targets.

Crisis communication Crisis communication

Best way to manage a communication crisis is to prevent it. Preventative measures must be taken amongst the staff to promote a “crisis reflex.”

unity unity

Unity that encompasses all disciplines in the communications programs orchestrated

Loyalty Agency
Until the mid-nineties, advertising agencies, under the title of “Full Service”, use to create ideas in every field of communication and accordingly provide their services. After the acquisition made by international firms, the way Turkish agencies operate has changed and their communication discipline has divided. You could no longer expect to receive a service from your agency in every field of communication. Agencies appeared offering services to customers under every heading such as above-the-line, below-the-line, direct marketing communication, event management and public relations.
Digital Media
One of the rare concept that the digital theoreticians agree on is, communication is a two way concept. Corporations are in relationship with their stakeholders. They communicate the decisions and the products with their stakeholders and in return they have a feedback. In a rational communication strategy one has to take these feedback into account seriously.
Communication Programme for Segments
Communication agencies should work towards the goal of corporations reaching their business targets. Looking from this perspective, a communication programme should not only focus on consumers, but with its positive perception, should also appeal to all of the segments that will make the corporations reach their business targets.
Total Quality Management and Communication
Corporation’s total quality management journey continously evolve by maintaining relationship with all of their stakeholders. With this perspective, it is obvious that the total quality advisers and communication staff work for the same objective. Especially in the relationship between internal communication and suppliers, programmes of the communication should be integrated into the Total Quality Circles.