Crisisis Reflex Education

A lot of the communication problems are triggered by a lack of crisis management policy.

Generally a staff member can be very surprised by the communication crisis that s/he triggeres by a very simple sentence used or a by a manner s/he displays. In fact s/he could become upset by the result and s/he may feel treated unjustly

In reality staff members may not be sufficiently aware of the fact that they represent their firm with every sentence they speak or manner they display. As Cora Communications we feel that the best way to manage a crisis is to prevent it from the start.

With the Crisis Management Training we provide, we enable the staff to be aware of how the crisis unfolds and in the sessions we go through many surprising case studies and pass on the communication codes. Therefore we prevent any behaviour that is likely to trigger a crisis, In those where it has become unavoidable we show how to manage it effectively.